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When was the first postcard advertising the Titanic (probably together with the Olympic) published? I have one postmarked in January, 1911, but I suspect that there must be ones that were put out even before this date.

Hi Kalman, the first reported postcard advertising Olympic and Titanic was in late 1908. It list the White Star fleet and has Olympic and Titanic as building. I have this postcard in and unsused condition, but Claes-Goran, has this postcard with an early postmark on it. Will post a picture of it tommorow. Hope this help, Rene
Hi Jeremy, the first postcard ADVERTISING Olympic & Titanic, was not of the gantry, but indeed this Carl Ericksson card according to Glaes-Goran's research. They have reproductions of this card signed by Beatrice Sandstom, and it states on the back that this is the first postcard advertising the great liners. I can't seem to able to post the pictures, but will keep on trying. If you want me to send them direct to you let me know. Hope this helps
Just found a modern repro copy of a Swedish? postcard - with the British and Swedish flags intercrossed, stating at the top - Olympic and Titanic under construction, then on the second line it also states Laurentic and Megantic under construction. The reverse says this was the first Titanic postcard ever printed by WSL agents in 1908.

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Claes-Goran is a Titanic Historian in Stockholm, Sweden.

Click HERE for the Scandinavian Titanic Society and click on "In English", then click on "Board of Directors" for his e-mail.

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