Flooding of the Turkish bath complex (pipes, taps, grids/drains, etc)

Ricky B


I am just wondering about the flooding of the Turkish bath area of the ship if anybody can help?

I have read from excellent research, that water descended down the steps of the first class stairway leading to this complex from the first class E-deck corridor...'trickling' I believe the word was used to describe this. And a crew member sealed the water-tight door in this area who witnessed this flooding as well as the Turkish bath stewardesses who had stayed in their cabins until notified to leave.

My question is, would there already have been flooding already apparent in the area (the bath's rooms) before the trickling down the stairs? If the water inside the ship was trying to reach the level of the water line outside of the ship, would it have been coming through the pipework of the Turkish baths? For instance, the grids/drains of the shampoo rooms and the taps/faucets of the cooling room, etc? Were all the lights off in these rooms? (Sorry, random question there!)

Also, if this is the case of water coming through the pipes, would the forward areas of the ship i.e. cabins and bathrooms/toilet facilities on d-deck and above, have flooded in the same way before the water approached/engulfed the surrounding corridors?

Many thanks :)