Floor tile part II

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Erika Vermeylen

Dear all,

I received this email from Harland & Wolff in reply to my inquiry as to where the floor tiles originated from and the fact that they sent me a "letter of authenticity" with it:
"Dear Erika
We are in receipt of your e-mail regarding the authenicity of the framed
floor tile.
I do not know which certificate you have in your possession. The only
Certificate which I have ever authorised reads "This tile has been removed
from the floor of offices in Harland and Wolff where it was in use for
around seventy to eighty years. It is identical to those used on many White
Star Line vessels in the early 20th Century including RMS Titanic as seen in
the photgraph of 1st Class Smoking Room."

We assumed that the tiles on Olympic and Titanic were identical, perhaps
not. However the tile was always supposed to be marketed as a genuine piece
of Harland and Wolff, not Titanic.

Best regards
Lorraine Cunningham"

THIS IS A CALL TO ANYONE who has ever bought one or more of these tiles. Please contact me, because I do not intend to reconcile myself to this situation.
Not open for further replies.

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