Bastian Busse

What did the beautiful tiles at the entrance of the grand staircase consist of?
Linoleum. I read somewhere that it was easier to clean and maintain than tile.
Did also the tiles of this staircase consist of linoleum?
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I mean, at first bleched it does not like linoleum but thank you very much for your contributions.
I must add that while Linoleum is seen as being rather common nowadays, back then it was the flooring to have, and i believe many mansions and ships (Like Titanic) had it, the confusing part is that if you walk into a modern flooring shop and ask for "lino" they will most likely try to sell you Vinyl, because Lino has kind of turned into a slang word for Vinyl Flooring, the color goes through Linoleum and its rubbery, Vinyl is just plastic and is very different, Linoleum is also very hard wearing.

I think this Linoleum stuff is making a comeback because of its friendliness to the environment, check the wiki page for more information.

I know a lot about Titanic's flooring, you can send me a PM and i will give you as much Info as you could possibly want, as i don't have enough time to write all this stuff at the moment.