Flowers and greenery, their storage, and use.

Dan Bergqvist

Sep 14, 2015
Keeping delicate plants seem to me a logistical nightmare, which makes me very curious about how it was done onboard ship. The sources I have at hand don't reveal anything about keeping greenery fresh on Titanic or Olympic. As decoration it is quite taken for granted, mentioned in passing, but like so much else there is unseen complexity behind the smallest things that has become obscure knowledge. So I turn to the more knowledgeable than I for these questions. Questions like: Was there a gardener onboard for the potted plants or were these duties delegated to other crew? How/where was greenery stored? Or was she loaded up with greenery when in port that lasted particularly well for the entire voyage? What was the idea behind the plants? Purely decorative? Restorative to mind and body? Or merely to give a sense of being in a hotel on land perhaps.

A secondary line of inquiry would be if it is known to us what kind of plants and flowers were onboard. You see, I will be involved in ordering plants in my rather new line of work - which is how my questions come about to begin with - and it would be fun if something from the Olympic-class and her era was represented if possible.


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