Folks Who Wouldn't Open the Door


Catherine Ehlers

Re the testimony of first class steward Henry Etches: He talked of knocking on one door (#78)and the passengers inside would not open the door, utterly refused, even though he tried to warn them of the danger. Does anyone know who the people who were in that cabin and if they were saved or not?

I kinda hope they finally got the message!
(hopefully before the water started coming in!)

Catherine Ehlers

Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Hi Catherine,

This cabin (B-78) was occupied by William Augustus Spencer and his wife, Marie. Their maid, Elise Lurette was in B-80. If you look at the page "cabin allocations" and go to B-78 you will see their name along with an explanation of how their cabin was established (Cave list and Etches' testimony where he mentions a couple who had "a shortish name" beginning with S.

Hope this helps

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