For sale The Lusitania's last Voyage by Charles lauriat signed by author

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Jan 7, 2002
I am selling 'The Lusitania's Last Voyage', 1915, written by 1st class survivor Charles Lauriat. This copy was signed by the author in 1923-

Book is in vg shape, some fading of the black on the cover, does have my personal bookplate on inside cover.

lauriat was a Boston bookseller, and the small lable of his bookshop is on inside cover.

Signatures of Lusitania survivors are very hard to find...

If you have questions or are interested, let me know.. im asking $275

I also have a signed copy of the red covered 'special edition' of this book Im selling for $300, that was one of 250 copies put out. lauriat signed that one in November 1915.
Great shape, slight edge tear on page 3, as those pages were not properlly cut when book was issued, and someone was messy about seperating those pages, otherwise fine...

Like my other Lauriat book, this copy is signed by lauriat, has my bookplate on inside cover, as well as Lauriat's bookstore lable.

I want to sell only one of these books- I can't decide which, so I'll let an interested buyer pick....







Tarn Stephanos
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