FOR SALE Titanic oil painting & wall mounted glasses holder

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Oct 28, 2005
In case anyone is interested, I've got two items for sale. One is a beautiful oil painting of Titanic and the other is a wall-mounted 'White Star Line' labelled glass holder. I guess the latter item is for the person who has everything (or wants to open a theme bar!) and is on eBay at

As for the oil painting, it is original, authentic and it is not a reproduction. The ship itself has been done in great detail and yet the surroundings have been done in naive-style. All I can say about the artist is that it's monogrammed WHN. It is an oil on linnen painting, size: 16" x 11" (41cm x 28cm). It's housed in a beautiful frame and both are in excellent condition. The age is hard to judge since I cannot identify the monogram. I suspect it's at least 50 years old. By the way, I'm Irish but living in Belgium. Note that this painting is not advertised on eBay. Any reasonable offer can be sent to me directly on [email protected] and I promise to reply within a day or two.

One final comment. I'm travelling to Ireland today to see my family for a few days, so I shall not be in a position to reply to anyone until early next week when I return to Belgium. Thank you.



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