Forcastle Deck Sign

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I have noticed in one of the Father Browne Photo's of the Titanic that there was a Sign on the Breakwater on the Forecastle Deck. Does anybody have any Idea what it say's? It's the Photo of the Tugs moving New York's Stern out of the Path of Titanic taken from Titanic herself.



Michael George.
Hi Michael,

The sign reads:

NOTICE- Passengers are not allowed beyond this point

These signs were fitted everywhere over the ship to prevent passengers from walking into class restriction or unsafe areas.

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Jake Angus

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Talking of that very pic, what is the 'crash barrier' type looking thing on the forecastle deck? It's raked aft and has supports facing forward, and it's about three or four feet high. It's in the shape of a 'V'.
Sounds like the breakwater (except that the supporting struts are at the back). It's there to deflect water shipped over the bow in heavy seas.
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