Forces that ripped the ship apart

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Aaron Zaffuto

Oct 7, 2005
In the titanic commutator ghosts of the abyss out takes, suggest that the marconi room walls were ripped apart as the ship sank, is there a name for that happening? And doses anyone know when these forces started to occour, i asume after the water reached the boat deck and the ship started to plung faster.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
The one broadly general term which covers the ground in my opinion is Progressive Structural Failure. As always, it's the details that need quite a bit of working out it was the collision/allsion/grounding with the iceberg which started the whole chain that led to the failure and collapse of the ship's midsection. I don't know if there is a specific term which defines what you're looking for but there were so many that it may not mean much anyway.

You might do well to become acquainted with the term "hogging" which describes the bending of the hull caused by excessive weight being taken on board in the region of the bow, stern, or both. You may also want to check the numerous discussions we've had in the Collisions/Sinking's Theories folder to see for yourself the wide variety of opinion on the matter.
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