Forecastle deck scuttle; location/etc

May 23, 2012
Apologies if this is the wrong place or wrong terminology but I've got a question about the scuttle on the forecastle deck that lies between the anchor chains and is just aft of the anchor crane.

I'm building a Titanic model in Minecraft the game and I'm having issues figuring out exactly HOW this scuttle fits into the ship itself. I'm using Bruce Beveridge's books as my guide as far as the plans go but I'm having some trouble.

If I'm seeing things correctly; on B Deck it shows the scuttle halfway between the length of the anchor chains but it appears on C Deck and lower that the scuttle is just forward of Watertight bulkhead A.

Am I missing something completely obvious here or does the scuttle traverse forward before dropping down into the bowels of the ship along the forward side of bulkhead A?

Thanks in advance.

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