Forecastle Flood rate

Dan Kappes

Aug 17, 2009
Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
Did the forecastle flood near the start, halfway, or during the final moments of the sinking?

The 1958 film A Night to Remember shows it rapidly submerging during the final moments of the sinking, but James Cameron's 1997 film showed it submerging fairly early during the sinking, but not affecting its slow sinking process.

Here are two screenshots from the 97 film.
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Kyle Naber

Oct 5, 2016
I believe it was later in the sinking than what Cameron dipicted. ANTR is more accurate here.
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Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
I sometimes wondered if ANTR depicted submerging of the forecastle rather too late. I was under the impression that the forecastle started to dip under by 01:45 am but the flooding rate at the time was still quite slow. Going by Samuel Halpern's deductions, I understood that it was around 02:10 am that the Titanic started to lose its horizontal stability and the rate of dipping and sinking increased dramatically, culmination in the forward 'lurch' and the 'wave' around 02:15 am.
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Chung Rex

Dec 25, 2006
The situation is rather complicated. The ship is already tilted (downward) to the port slightly, and the tilting angle "worsened" (when or after?) the forecastle started flooding. One could have observed differently when observed from even-numbered lifeboats / odd-numbered lifeboats. However, Cameron anyway did flood (1) the forecastle too quickly, and therefore did flood (2) the Scotland Road too violently.

But movie is movie, arts is arts. Were Scotland Road not flooded by Cameron so violently, Jack and Rose would had passed through the original route (of 1st class, from E deck to D deck, and then through grand staircase to the boat deck). Therefore, no steerage scenario! A possibility remained that both Jack and Rose would therefore go to starboard side to avoid Cal's searching, and therefore both entered lifeboats (as Murdoch allowed), therefore violating the purpose of Cameron that Jack must died and Rose must be rescued from the water.
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Given the starboard and later port slant, it depends... from the starboard lifeboats it seemed that part of the forcastle deck was still above the water around 2 am. Looking from the other side, the forcastle would have been long sunk. So, actually, early and late both depend on the side from which you are looking.

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