Foreign survivors

Here's an idea for a book: The stories of the foreign survivors of the Titanic. Not just the ones who testified, but those who went back to their countries and told their stories to the press there. For example, I'd like to know more about the Japanese survivor Fang Lang, the one Lowe picked up strapped to the door. He must've gone back to Japan and told his story. It would be interesting to know about his experience. Then there were the Chinese survivors, Italians, Swedes, Slavic survivors, people from all over the world. I've searched for a book that focused primarily on these passengers, because it would be interesting to hear their perspective; not just the famous voices like Gracie and Bride.

Is there anything close to this in terms of books or research?
There are books specifically about the Irish, Canadian, Norwegian, Middle Eastern and various other ethnic groups of survivors (and victims). Not all of these books are in English and there are too many to list them all, but Senan Molony's The Irish Aboard Titanic is particularly detailed. The Irish however, would not at that time have been regarded as foreigners. If you explore the threads here at ET you'll find many relevant discussions including several about the Chinese survivors, of whom very little is known for sure. One of them was Fang Lang - Harold Lowe was mistaken when he assumed him to be Japanese. But there was a Japanese survivor, Masabumi Hosono, who had a hard time back home where his survival was perceived as dishonorable.


Here are best accounts I liked by Nationality (this includes British and American however)

American- Molly Brown, Madeline Astor, Carter Family

Canadian- Baxter Family

English/Scottish- Countess of Rothes, Milvina Dean, Rhoda Abbott, Harold Lowe, Minnie Coutts

Irish- Violet Jessop, Daniel Buckley

Swedish- Bjorn Staffanson, Asplund Family

Finnish- Anna Turja

German- Alfred Nourney, Emilie Kreuchen

Belgian- Bertha Maine

French- Leotine Aubert, Juliette Laroche, Michael Navratil

Italian- Argene De Carlo

Spanish- Maria Penasco

Russian- Miriam Kantor

Polish- Rosa Pinsky, Berk Pickard

Serbian- Nikola Lulic

Armenian- Neshan Krekorian, David Vartanian

Syrian- Safiyah Ibrahim, Latifa Baclini

Lebanese- Katrin Yusuf

India- Becker Family (British heritage)

China- Fang Lang

Japan- Masabumi Hosono

Philippines- Imanita Shelley

Egypt- Hammad Hassab

South Africa- Thomas Brown