Question Foreigners on titanic


Sep 3, 2021
Hello everyone,

I discovered this amazing website a few days ago and I really would love to find out more.

I am especially attracted to all the officers (captain, murdoch, wilde, Murdoch etc) because i find their lives super enticing. There are many mysteries left to be solved and even the most educated person on this forum probably never will be able to answer certain questions.

But i still would like to find out as much about these officers as I can (I already read their respective pages and biographies)

One topic that i really would love to find out more about is quiet sensitive in nature - it's about any form of discrimination against certain ethnicities on the titanic. I just found out on this website about a group of lebanese/syrian passengers where only one woman survived. She apparently reported later that an officer had shot one of her cousins. I know this statement is said to be doubtful. There have been other reports where asians have been alledgedly discriminated or held at gunpoint for their race. It's not that I believe everything I read, I just find it super strange that although the titanic had a good amount of foreigners on board it is really hard to find their reception and perspective of the disasters, as if their voices were (intentionally?) suppressed. There was a black family on board as well if I'm correct. Why aren't their stories covered more?

What do you guys know about middle eastern passengers on the titanic and how they were treated on board before and after the disaster. Has there been any information about them?

And to those of you who have studied the lives and personalities of the officers in great detail, have you found anything that hinted at them being racist or hateful towards certain ethnicities (especially asian&middle easterns) throughout their lives? Or had they more decency and treated everyone equally as much as they could?

I'm mostly interested in murdoch, lightoller and moody because I really like them the most. Have you gathered anything about their treatment and sentiments towards foreigners?

I know that discrimination and certain vile language was the norm at that time, but i really would love to find more about that in particular.

Thank you to everyone for reading