Forgotten Titanic crewmember - Victim of the Southampton Blitz


Aug 25, 2013
Does anybody have information on Edgar L. Perry (age 19 in 1912) who died in the Southampton Blitz along with his wife?

Jay Roches

Apr 14, 2012
I looked into this a bit and found some more information but seem to have lost what I wrote...

There is a complete list of air raids on Southampton here. As you will see the raid in which Edgar Perry was killed (November 23, 1940) was the worst experienced up to that point, and was one of the three biggest raids on the city (the others were November 30 and December 1, 1940).

The article shows his residence as 3 Ryde Terrace, which is the same address he gave when he signed onto Titanic. His brother gave the same address, and trimmer William Evans, who died on Titanic, gave his address as 11 Ryde Terrace. Since this street is close to the port and to a major bridge, it would have been a very dangerous place to be in an air raid.

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