Forshaw's Poetical Tributes was Rare Titanic Book

I know this one is rather rare- last one on Ebay I saw sell for around $450

The seller is a great guy- it was from him I bought my 1st edition Lightoller hardcover with the original dustjacket!! I think Jeff aquired his Bell album from this seller too.
This poetry volume hovers in the $400 to $500 range. But as far as Titanic books go, rare book collectors will pay anthing for that one elusive volume they've been after for years.


Tarn Stephanos
It's interesting the number of different Poetical Tribute books that Forshaw wrote. Check out abe.books and other book sites by just typing in Forshaw and Poetical Tributes. The rest are very economical compared to the Titanic Tribute offered on eBay. I'll second Tarn's opinion of seller Richard Foster, but would sure like to find a cheaper copy of this one.
Gosh, I knew I should have bought that one I saw at a yard sale last week for $1.00! Just Kidding, I wish.
Forshaw's book is really quite scarce, I gave it a "very scarce" rating on my website. it is much harder to pin down a value of its worth. as Tarn so correctly pointed out, eBay is not a good place to determine value as there are some collectors that will pay just about anything it takes to secure an elusive volume for their collection. I have routinely seen books sell for two, three or four times above what I would consider to be a reasonable retail value.

my feel for Forshaw, is that it should be worth in the $200 to $250 range. as of this moment the bidding is already over that, running about $262 at the time I am typing this.

if you have the deep financial pockets, by all means go for it, but my feeling is that almost without exception if you are willing to wait a bit longer, a more reasonably priced copy may come along. of course, that wait might be quite a while!

hope this helps!
Michael (TheManinBlack) T
I think Jeff [Newman] acquired his Bell album from this seller too

That's correct.
Just a little over an hour left on this auction and the reserve price still hasn't been met at $355.00
Just a little over an hour left on this auction and the reserve price still hasn't been met and the bid is up to $355.00.