Fortean Times magazine

Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
April's magazine has a feature on the premonitions of the disaster, and has an excellent, if wildly inaccurate, view of the ship sinking on the front cover.

Caveat lector. The article itself is a re-hash, as I wrote to the editor:

I was very disappointed in the Titanic premonition article. 90% of it (at least) seems to have been a condensed summary of George Behe's book (admittedly out of print), "Titanic - Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy."

The author of the FT piece does not seem to have been aware of research that has been performed in the 23 years since Behe's book was first published.

For instance: George's updates at Page 9 inform us of what he suspected in his book; that Eugene Ryan (who does not appear in the passenger manifest) was actually Eugene Daly who uttered a premonition of disaster. Daly never mentioned his forecasts of doom afterwards, and herein lies the rub: unlike the "Ryan/Daly" prognosticator mentioned in the FT article, Daly did survive. Indeed, his letters and later testimony at the 1915 Limitation of Liability inquiry gives credence to the notion that an officer did shoot two passengers and then shot himself in the last few minutes of the Titanic's life.

Another instance; Behe mentions in his book and is repeated in the article, that Esther Hart was sure that disaster would befall the Titanic and she stayed awake
all night and slept during the day as she was sure that doom would strike during the dark. However, the only source we have of this is her daughter, Eva and she
frequently exaggerated certain aspects of the disaster, perhaps for personal glory.
Letters that Esther Hart wrote post-disaster have turned up and in them she mentions no feeling of dread or anxiety, any forebodings, or any premonition. She certainly did not stay up all night in readiness of the disaster. I count George Behe as a personal friend and he told me c.1999 that when his friend Don Lynch was writing "Titanic: An Illustrated History", Eva Hart's stories raised so many warning signs that her account was omitted from the book.

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