Found In Memorium of the Steamship Titanic

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I recently found a book "In Memorium of the Steamship titanic's Dead" (inside cover:"entered
according to act of congress in the year 1912 by Geo.W.Berton the office of the Library of Congress Washington DC,. USA) in shamefully poor condition , but would like to know how rare are these? The Photos,first-hand accounts, and lists are certainly intriging.
My gratitude is great for any help!\mail{[email protected],[email protected]}

Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
To P. Bergeron

While I can't find that first sentence "In Memorium of the Steamship..." I DID find that second one "Entered according to act of congress..." in a book entitled (from top to bottom) Memorial Edition - Sinking of the Titanic - Thrilling Stories Told by Survivors" by Jay Henry Mowbray, published by the Minter Company, Harrisburg, PA.

There was many of these, along with others, sold door-to-door following the catastrophe. Definitely a must for any Titanic researcher. However, with the advent of Ebay and other online auctions, these books usually show up with some regularity - that's where I got mine. Right now, I believe there's about 5 of them for auction in the next 9 days.

Hope this is of some help,

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