Four officers on Olympic picture

Does anyone know where I can find a good copy of the photo taken on the Olympic's bridge, with Murdoch standing on the left, Smith on the right, and two other officers in between? I thought it was in the Marriott book, but when I went to check it, nada. I saw it on the Net a long time ago, but Googling provides no results in that direction.
*Smacks self in head*

DOH! That was the book I was trying to think of!!!! Thank you!!!!!

I did a check on Ebay to find the picture...couldn't find it, but did come across the weirdest thing...since when did Millvina Dean autograph the iceberg photograph?
Hi Kritina.. I saw that same book on sale on eBay.. Just look under Titanic books. There's a copy of it for I think it was only like $8.00. Hope this helps. I have that book and it is a good photograph. Sincerely, Melissa K.
I think (and I'm guessing here, don't quote me on this), but I think one of them is Joseph Evans. I have no idea on the other one...and I may even be wrong about both!
Hi Kritina & Dave.. You're right Kritina.. the gentleman next to Murdoch is Joseph Evans but I'm not sure who the other one is. Maybe Inger could let you know as I'm not sure either. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Melissa K.
The photo shows officers of Olympic. In the rush to print stories just after the sinking, the papers grabbed the first photos that came to hand.

The men are, left to right, William Murdoch, Joseph Evans, David Alexander and Edward Smith.
Thank you for clearing things up.I should have knowen it was not Titanic! The officer's were wearing white tip caps, which on board of Titanic they never wore.It's good to know for sure.