Fourth Engineer Leonard Hodgkinson

Hello again Bob, yes I agree, they do deserve to be better known and I shall certainly be looking into Leonard Hodgkinson's life in more detail from now on. I'd also be happy to collaborate on an update to his biography.
Unfortunately I don't have a verbatim copy of the 'Sentinel' article, though I could easily look it up again. I don't remember if his wife or children were mentioned by name, though I think I would have noted them had they been.
No, I do not have a copy of 'The Titanic Disaster', though I think I borrowed a copy from the library once - Dave Bryceson compiled it I believe - interesting book. If you could send me a scan, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'll post my e-mail address to you privately.

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Re the above posts, I've recently downloaded the 1901 census entry for Walton on the Hill, Liverpool. Leonard Hodgkinson, at that time a mechanical engineer, lived with his family at 40 Oakfield Road. His wife was named Sarah, she was 34 and hailed from Birmingham. At the time of the census they had three children, Marian aged 7,Caroline aged 5 and Leonard S., aged 3, all born in Liverpool.
Sorry I am a bit late on this but . . . here is my printout on Mr. H.:
Hodgkinson, Leonard. Lived at 67 Arthur Road, Shirley, Southampton. Occupation - Senior 4th Engineer. 45 years old. (Born in Stoke).
(From the Minute Book of the White Star Company)
The White Star Company had a Committee meeting on 23rd July 1912 at 10 Winter Street, Liverpool at 11.55am. Present Mr. J. Bruce Ismay (in the chair) and others.
During the meeting it was announced that the following cases were reported together with amounts paid into Court:
L. Hodgkinson - Senior 4th Engineer - wages £14 0 0d - Dependants - Widow and 2 children - £300.
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 125. Hodgkinson, Sarah, widow. Children: Caroline: Stanley. Hodkinson, Caroline, Mother. All class B dependants,
(From the William Salt Library, Stafford):-
Hodgkinson, Leonard. Engineer. Stoke man educated at St. Thomas's School, Stoke. With White Star for several years.
WAS forty-six years of age and his birthplace Liverpool. His apprenticeship was served with Messrs. Hartley, Armour and Fanning, Stoke. He held a first class certificate and had been five years in the Beaver line and five years with Messrs. Rankin, Gilmour & Co. Ltd., his last position with the Company being as chief engineer of the Saint Jerome which he resigned to go into business for himself. He joined the White Star Line in May, 1905, as assistant engineer of the Celtic, in which vessel he afterwards served as fourth and third engineer. The Olympic was his next ship and his rank assistant engineer, being afterwards promoted to fourth engineer. He was next transferred to the Titanic as senior fourth. Mr. Hodgkinson leaves a widow and two children.
Remembered on: the magnificent Southampton Engineers Memorial, East Park.
also remembered on the Liverpool Titanic and Engineers memorial.
also named on the Glasgow Institute of Marine Engineers memorial
also remembered on the Institute of Marine Engineers memorial, London.
also there is a brass memorial plaque in the church of St. Faithful, Crosby, Liverpool, to the memory of the Chief Engineer and his Engine Room staff.
Probate Report: Hodgkinson, Leonard of Thurnham Street, Liverpool. Ships engineer. Administration Liverpool 8th July 1912 to Sarah Hodgkinson, widow. Effects £116.10.10d.
(From The Staffordshire Advertiser, Saturday, April 20, 1912).
Staffordshire Victims of The Disaster
Mr. Leonard Hodgkinson, the fourth senior engineer, was a Stoke man, and has many relatives and friends in the district. As a boy he received his education at St. Thomas's School, Stoke. He served an apprenticeship with Messrs. Hartley and Arnoux, whose works were acquired by Messrs. Kerr, Stuart, and Co. Later he became a marine engineer, and he had been with the White Star Company for several years.
(From the Minutes of Titanic Relief Fund, Liverpool Area Committee, December 1st 1915).
No. 125. Miss Marion Hodgkinson. Minutes state: Widow deceased 25th January 1914. Full allowance paid to 31st March 1914. Liverpool C & G P Committee 9 7 1914. 10/- per week for 12 months as from 1st October 1914 then reconsider.

You may find somthing new among it.
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Brian J. Ticehurst - Southampton UK.
Gary and Brian, it's good to see everything falling into place and the doubtful names confirmed. No excuse for me now to put off writing that 'additional' for the ET biography. I'll get to work on it.
Thank you for all the fascinating information above, much of which I was completely unaware of, it makes a very welcome addition to my notes. It is interesting to see just how varied the little details can be in the numerous accounts of one man's life, no wonder writing accurate biographies is so difficult. The Stanley Hodgkinson mentioned could be the middle name of 'Leonard S.', mentioned on the 1901 census return. I missed the Staffs Advertiser bit in my researches here, I'll have to go back for another trawl. Again, many thanks.

Nice to hear from you again Bob, I'll be interested to see your updated bio of Leonard Hodgkinson, keep us posted. If I get any extra snippets in the meantime, I'll post them here.

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When I was a child, my Grandfather told me that I had a relation on the Titanic, furthermore, this relation was a crew member. The information so far has been a great help, any info on leonard Hodgkinson' family members would be gratefully received.
Stuart Hodgkinson
Being Leonard Hodgkinson’s great granddaughter I was fascinated to read his ancestral and biographical details as I know little about the family other than the future happenings of his three children. His son Stanley attained senior rank as an engineer with the Cunnard, being originally with the White Star. He served on the Trans Atlantic run most of his career mainly on RMS Majestic pre war, and later on the Queen Mary. His son Allan joined the Hampshire police and the family still live in Southampton. Carrie died in 1926 leaving a son Stanley who was killed in April 1943 during a raid on Kiel. He was serving 156 Pathfinder Squadron. I have no further information other than Carrie’s name being Portch and lived in Bath.

Regarding my own family, his daughter Marion, moved to Manchester in 1916 and married Arthur Pinnington in 1920. They had 2 children Renee and Bill (my father) he married my mother in 1954 and we moved from Manchester to Bromley Kent in 1972.

Time moves on and I married Neil Reader in 1984 and have 2 children Dominic and Christopher. Incidentally, Allan Hodgkinson had a son so the name will still perpetuate with this side of the family.
Hallo Anne, and welcome. Thank you for that information, which brings the story nicely up to date. Leonard Hodgkinson must now be one of the best-documented of all the engineers! If you'd like to contact Stuart (see posting above yours), click on his name in the left hand column and that will take you to a page with an email link.