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Stuart Hodgkinson

When I was a child, my Grandfather told me that I had a relation on the Titanic, furthermore, this relation was a crew member. The information so far has been a great help, any info on leonard Hodgkinson' family members would be gratefully received.
Stuart Hodgkinson
May 30, 2005
Being Leonard Hodgkinson’s great granddaughter I was fascinated to read his ancestral and biographical details as I know little about the family other than the future happenings of his three children. His son Stanley attained senior rank as an engineer with the Cunnard, being originally with the White Star. He served on the Trans Atlantic run most of his career mainly on RMS Majestic pre war, and later on the Queen Mary. His son Allan joined the Hampshire police and the family still live in Southampton. Carrie died in 1926 leaving a son Stanley who was killed in April 1943 during a raid on Kiel. He was serving 156 Pathfinder Squadron. I have no further information other than Carrie’s name being Portch and lived in Bath.

Regarding my own family, his daughter Marion, moved to Manchester in 1916 and married Arthur Pinnington in 1920. They had 2 children Renee and Bill (my father) he married my mother in 1954 and we moved from Manchester to Bromley Kent in 1972.

Time moves on and I married Neil Reader in 1984 and have 2 children Dominic and Christopher. Incidentally, Allan Hodgkinson had a son so the name will still perpetuate with this side of the family.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo Anne, and welcome. Thank you for that information, which brings the story nicely up to date. Leonard Hodgkinson must now be one of the best-documented of all the engineers! If you'd like to contact Stuart (see posting above yours), click on his name in the left hand column and that will take you to a page with an email link.

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