Frank aks anyone think this is on the level

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And there is this one also:

This one looks ok. But having said that I have no knollege whatsoever - unfortunately god did not gift me with a brain :-((( I know a big fat *0* about these things. One thing that I think about this listing is *perhaps* ( just a guess from the feed back of a bidder ) the seller has another account and is pushing the price up, hence the 1 feed-back from a *new* seller - do people not know it is best to bid at in the last half hour & not get the price up so high ? They are only pushing the cost up for themselves by bidding early :))) If the seller is pushing the price up it may well be just because he does not want something he see's as being very worthy ( I'm sure it is ) going for a small sum of money, fair enough!. However $620 is getting a bit on the high side don't you think - no ?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>unfortunately god did not gift me with a brain :-((( <<

Well, apparently, whatever diety you believe in gave you enough brains to be skeptical about these things, and that always a good start. Pesonally, I don't believe any such claims unless there's a good trail of documentation to verify the provenance of the thing. Since this thread is more appropriate for the Market Place Folder, I'm moving it there. Hopefully, somebody who knows a bit more about this will speak up on it.

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Well at least you don’t discriminate against people with no brains :))) we play a valuable role in society !
..... and on Titanica lol

Yup I agree with what you say about provenance tho - as you know I learnt the hard way..

90 years is a long time and I suppose anything can happen in the time - or be made for a number of reasons. Not to say this is not real, but it's very hard to trace the *trail* as you put it...

Still it's an interesting item. I wonder if anyone else who is *gifted* has anything to say ? I notice people tend to not say much about autographs - prob because there is not much you can say, unless it is a blatant fake !

Patty Miller

Jan 10, 1998
Miles, I cannot definitely say anything about the signature on this item ( )

But I have purchased Titanic items from this seller. He was reputable in my dealings with him.
And very honest, did not try to charge too much for shipping. He , at one point was a big Titanic collector and had some very scarce, (and I mean very scarce) items, to go on Ebay.

Saying that, I again, reinterate, I cannot verify the signature as authentic...just telling of my
experience with the seller.

Sincerely, Patty

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Well it's an interesting item.

Hope he has good luck with his listing !
Aug 29, 2000
I compared it to one I know to be legitimate as Frank signed it in my presence-and it sure looks like the real McCoy. He also always put "Titanic Baby" in quotes under it.Both he and Marie always liked to autograph things only if it were for charity, and especially for children's causes. The Shriners Burn Institute was one recipient.
Dec 31, 2003
Hampstead, London
Miles: I would agree with Patty that the Barkworth autograph with annotations is authentic and add now that I think the price it finally reached was a realistic one. Also (as well as trusting Shelley's own, more informed, opinion on the question!) I believe the 'Frank Aks, "Titanic Baby"' autograph is entirely genuine.

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Yes I think the Barkworth autograph is prob authentic, but still it's had to trace things back so you can never be to sure. Thinking again about the price I think your right - it is quite realistic ! Someone only just the other day told me the same. Btw I wrote to the seller and he seems like a perfect gentleman - 100 % honourable!

I always had the gut feeling the Frank Aks one was real also. It's actually quite a good sample to compare to as it's written very quickly. Shame it's on a scrap of lined paper, otherwise I might have put a bid in :)

Maybe an autograph page on Titanica would be a good idea ? So people can compare what they have bought or thinking about buying to genuine samples :))) Members could post real sample's and an achieve could be built up !

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Just had a look at the price the Barkworth went for in the end ! Same price ( almost ) as my Jack Phillips postcard, and that's a whole postcard by a key member of the crew - famous hero of the Titanic story ! Not prob or very likely authentic but def. authentic - in my opinion.

Personally now seeing the final price ( did not look before last posting - still had $620 in my head ) I think it is a wee bit high. Others may disagree :))) Had it been about $750 I would have still gone along with your opinion that the price was realistic. Now not so sure.

It's still a very lovely post card and good luck to the seller if he's got a decent price for it !

Steve Santini

Nov 22, 2000

Certainly the price in the Barkworth case under discussion is affected by the rarity of this particular person's signature.

While Jack Phillips signed items are somewhat rare, and the price for items signed by him is of course affected and driven up to many by the prominent role he played in the tragedy, the Barkworth item realized such a price due to the rarity of signed items showing up by this particular person.

Signed items seldom seen and signed items from noted passengers and crew both are areas of specific interest for Titanic collectors and it is these these very factors that are principal in affecting the final prices brought for such items.

Cheers, Steve Santini

P.S. Congratulations to the winner of the Barkworth signed card. I know this lucky winner personally and I know it will look great amid the other rarities in his stellar collection!

Guest (R17)

Thanks Steve !

That clears everything up. If you say it's real which I imagine you do - then the gut feeling we have about the Barkworth card being genuine is pretty much confirmed.

Like I said the seller seems to come across very much as honourable & a gentleman. He is selling his entire collection, this is very sad to hear for him. But looking at the bright side this may mean there will be some very decent items popping up on Ebay :)

The thing I liked very much about the Barkworth card was that it is signed by a survivor whom had to swim for it so to speak - rather than get into a lifeboat. Not many people survived the water !
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