Frank Aks

Jan Wood

I seem to remember reading a thread on the board regarding a man who lost his head when refused permission to enter a life boat. He snatched a baby from a nearby woman and tossed it overboard?

The baby was saved but the mother had to get the captain of the carparthia to intervene because another lady had claimed the baby was hers.

I hope I'm not mixing up two stories here.

Can anyone give me a link to the thread in question as I have searched but with no luck.

Thanks in advance
Jan- that is the Frank Aks story you refer to. Frank, "Filly" was the baby tossed by a crazed passenger into boat #11.He was caught by Elizabeth Nye. Frank's mother, Leah and Selena Rogers Cook ended up in boat 13 and on Carpathia later saw an Italian woman walking the deck with baby Filly. Leah was able to prove the baby's identity by a strawberry birthmark and the fact of his circumcision. Frank loved to tell this story in later years.

Jan Wood

Thanks Shelley

I didn't think I had dreamed it but I've read so much on this site over the last few weeks I was beginning to believe I had imagined it lol
I know what you mean- nobody could write FICTION as thrilling as the real-life story of Titanic. By the way, Mrs. Astor gave her shawl to wrap Frank in, and he treasured that. Frank was a big baby, he said he weighed 11 pounds at birth, and he showed me a baby picture once which confirmed that. The last I heard of his personal artifacts from that night to remember, they had been given to the Mariner's Museum in Virginia. They were on display for a time, even a bottle of perfume which belonged to Mrs. Astor and given to Frank's mother. There is still one drop left in the bottom. That Italian lady holding him ondeck was probably Argenia del Carlo- a young bride who was on her way to America with her carpenter husband who died and left her penniless.She was in #11, along with another famous baby, Trevor Allison.

Jan Wood

Thanks for the extra info Shelley. I found myself quite moved by that story more than any of the others.

The captain was rather put in the same position as King Solomon. At least there was a birthmark to help identify the truth. You can't help but feel sorry for the Italian lady who was possibly experiencing like many others, post traumatic shock.

A very kind act of Lady Astor there. I envy your meeting with Frank. He sounds to have been a great character.

The Allison family are another quite moving tragedy. Especially as Trevor died so early too after surviving the sinking.

Is anything known about the man who threw Frank overboard? or can it only be a subject of speculation?
I watched a clip about this last night and did a search and found this old thread. Was any more ever discovered about this guy who tossed the baby overboard or if this story was as presented? I just don't remember this part of the story. If true this guy sounds like he would be the perfect recipient of the mystery gunshots.