Frank Goldsmith, Edith Evans, Leah Aks

Dennis Foley

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A couple of months ago I recall the controversy over whether Frank Goldsmith and his mother were in Collapsible D, C, or some other boat. I am holding a letter written to me by Frank Goldsmith, dated 1/23/74, in which he responded to my question about Edith Evans. He states "Yes, I did see a lady being helped into the boat. Mother and I were in just a bit before we began to lower....According to Walt's (Lord) story, it had to be Mrs. Brown with Edith helping her aboard...Recently I learned of another lady who was with us on "D" (Leah Aks)....Not that I'm trying to stir things up again (!!) but it is important to know that Mr. Goldsmith did indeed believe that he and his mother were in "D". I had the pleasure of meeting Frank and his wife at the '73 convention in Connecticut and he clearly indicated, with the use of a diagram of Titanic, how he and his mother entered a collapsible boat on the PORT side and, surprisingly, showed us how this boat rowed towards the stern and then over to the port side, for some reason. I can photocopy this letter (in sections if you want a close-up) and email it to my fellow members, if you'd like. Regards, Dennis

This is very interesting. But the lifeboat thing is a confusing one isn't it? There seem to be such conflicting stories - like the debate recently here on ET as to the boat Miss Willard left in.

The mix-ups re: who did/didn't go in boat D are especially recurring. For instance, I think boat 2 also rowed round the stern. So some might suggest the Goldsmiths went off in 2 even.

It is, though, of interest to note that little Frank thinks the ladies he saw approaching his boat at the last minute may have been Mrs. Brown/Miss Evans.

Hi Dennis,

As noted by Randy it was boat 2 that rowed around the stern. Boat D did not. It was part of Lowe's flotila. Also I understood that Frank always spoke about and described the caps worn by 4 Chinamen who were in his boat. They were in boat C.


Edmund Turner

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Maybe Frank was in boat 2,and the two ladies who arrived last were Mrs Appleton and Mrs Cornell,however I am more inclined to believe they were in boat D seeing as Frank was so sure, and he did talk about a lady left behind on deck this most probably was Edith Evans

Cynthia Jean Brown

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Dennis, I would be very pleased to have a copy of that letter from Frank. His mother was my Great-Aunt, although I never had an opportunity to meet with him, or speak with him. Please e-mail me. Thanks so much... Cynthia Brown
Cynthia, did you know of Frank's sister Carpathia? Am sorry you never got to meet him- he was such fun and could tell a story like none other. Once he was visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and when he couldn't carve the turkey the way he wanted with the knife-he grabbed both drumsticks with his hand and gave 'em a twist! He had the most enchanting Virginia drawl I ever heard and Marie was the light of his his life. He called her his "baby" and the two sure loved to travel.

Cynthia Jean Brown

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Shelley, I'm sorry to say I don't know much at all about Frank Goldsmith and his mother, Emily. It's interesting to learn his sister was named Carpathia! I'd love to know more; apparently many of you here know a great deal more than I do. Anything anyone wants to share with me would be very much appreciated!

Emily was my paternal grandfather's sister. My Grandpa, Albert Brown, had come to America with his parents at the age of 14, and lived in Detroit Michigan. He died before I was born; what I do know was told to me by my Grandma, who remembered very little about Frank and Emily. She told me their names, although she mistakenly said their surname was "Smith" - I just recently found their correct name of Goldsmith on a passenger list. She also knew they had moved to Ohio, and did tell me the story of the wedding ring. Until this very week, that has been all I have ever been able to learn about them.

Thanks for the information! -Cyndi
Cyndi- I have made a huge error which comes from not wearing my bifocals- I skipped right over "Goldsmith" and read Frank Aks in my little brain. Sorry, I met Mrs. Goldsmith a few times -wrong Frank. Frank Aks' sister was named Carpathia. Sorry!
Cynthia, are you in touch with Tommy Goldsmith, Frank's grandson?--a nice guy and interested in his family's Titanic history. If you want I'll give him your e-mail address and he can contact you. He and his wife and kids (I think 4 of them) still live in Ashland, Ohio.


Cynthia Jean Brown

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Phillip, Thank you, I would like that very much. My gracious, I feel like I hit the lotto. Not only because of the Titanic connection, but I have had so little knowledge about that branch of the family, and in fact, have had no contact with any of my Brown relatives for many years. Please do give Tommy my e-mail addy, and thanks again. I appreciate the info. -Cyndi

Shelley, no problem!
Since it has been a year from the last posting are any of you still around? My name is Charles Goldsmith and Frank was my father.If I can be of any help to you,feel free to contack me. Would love to hear from you, I have no qualms about people having my e=mail addy, so here it is; [email protected].
Welcome back Charles!!! We're always thrilled to have direct relatives "aboard". We would love to hear some of your stories. I am a VERY VERY distant relative of survivor Jessie Trout.
Please post often!
Welcome Aboard Mr. Goldsmith,
Many blessings to you and thank you for sharing your family stories with us. Hi Kate, haven't seen you in awhile, and as always, Hello Kah-leen.

Cheerio ya'll,