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Hi everyone, glad to meet you. Kate you asked for some about my dad,so I will tell you all a true story.When I was still in high school I used to try to get him to take me to some of the games. He always turned me down. well one day,probably with a little help from mom, he said he would. We went to see an Ashland college football game I was really happy to be there with dad. I had no idea he was so unhappy there,and it was'nt till mych later in life that I found out. My mom told me that the reason dad would'nt go to those things was because of the crowd noises. I was then in my 40's and it still made me cry. Dad and I did'nt get along very good I dont remember him saying I love you, but the day mom told me I knew that he did.
A beautiful memory to share with us!! With a very strong and clear message for us to learn from!
Sometimes one never understands a fathers love until they get older. In my husbands case, when he bacame a father, it really started to hit home for some of the sacrafices and love that his dad showed to him in small and subtle ways.
Thank you again.
Colleen Collier
Thank you Charles. That is a beautiful story. I have a difficult relationship with my father too and that reminded me to look at little things. Thank you for both gifts.
I'd love to hear more.
I have some personal input about the lifeboat problem.Its more or less what you already know, because being a survivors son doesnt make you any wiser. My brother Frank whom some of you might know swears that dad is right about "D". I'm not that sure, even dad said something about Chinese in the boat. They werent in "D",it was "C", which anyone who read any of the early accounts is what my gran said. I've just been looking at apicture by Ken Marschall whch shows the shiptilted to starboard at the time "C" was being lowered.Every one iknows Ken is the best at doing the ship. In tje article he tells that dad was in "C" on the next page he tells that grandma and others had to push against the t~~. to keep tha canvas from scraping. that being the case that puts them in "D". which brings back to sguare one. I certainly wish the Question could be settled, but I doubt it. NOt much help am I
Charles, I think there are a lot of lifeboat questions that will never be settled. What we have was pieced together ex post facto at the inquiries and by researchers. For obvious reasons, nobody could keep records, and survivor recollections are far from perfect.

I can see why your dad would avoid games too. All the noise would have brought back some very unpleasant memories.

Michael H. Standart
Hi Charles,

Your father spoke of Chinamen in his boat and the need to push the boat away from the side of the Titanic.

Both of those informations point to your father and grandmother being in Boat C.

Quartermaster Rowe who had command of Boat C testified that: Titanic listed about 6 degrees to port and that as a consequence all the time his boat was being lowered the rubbing strake kept on catching on the rivets down the ship's side, and it was as much as they could do to keep her off.

I believe that the Ken Marschall's painting that you refer to is deceptive. It is an above painting looking down. There is a much better one in his: Art of the Titanic; which although it shows boat C already in the water has Titanic with a very heavy list to port.

I hope this helps.
Hi Lester Ive beenreading so much this weekend Im going blind. Gracie and both inquiries. Like I said before(I think} my dad wasnt necessarily right I too am having problems with a starboard list. Especially when crewmen are saying to port.
However I will cintinue on if for no other reason than i love reading about it. I almost allways find something I havent seen before

Colin John James

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Hi Charles,how wonderful to have you contribute to our little gathering.
It just proves we can heal wounds but the mental scars are not so easy.
At the end of the day does it really matter if he was in C or D, or X,Y,Z what really matters is that he was in a boat and as a consequence, you are here today to talk about him.
regards Colin
Hi Charles,

As you now know the Quartermaster in charge of Boat C; described excatly what you father said about the boat catching on the rivets down the ship's side and that those in the boat had to push against the Titanic to keep the canvas from scraping. There are no such comments associated with Boat D. With every source I have access to talking of Titanic listing to port (when you couple that with talk of Chinamen in the boat) I am of the opinion that your father and grandmother were in Boat C.