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Laura Melinda Varjo

Hey, this might be a stupid question, but I`ve read Judith Geller`s Women and Children First, and came across a paragraph about Frankie Goldsmith, and that he hung around with 7 other boys-also from Third Class. Does anyone have any idea who those 7 other boys were ? Two of the children survived-Frankie and an other one, but the other six boys were lost. Who were those 7 other little youngsetrs ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you, Laura.

Trent Pheifer

Hey Laura,

I am guessing that one of the friends that died was Alfred Rush. He was under the care of the Goldsmiths. He turned 16 during the course of the voyage and refused to get into the lifeboats, he wanted to stay with the men. That is the only youngster I can think of, not sure of the other ones. Hope that helps a bit.


Allan Wolf

Mar 11, 2007
Asheville, NC
Wikipedia lists Frankie Goldsmiths little gang as: William Johnston, Willie Coutts, Harold Goodwin, James and Walter van Billiard, and Albert and George Rice. The source is "Inside the Tiitanic," but I've gone over every page of it and I can't find the names listed there. I'm wondering if the names are listed in the THS Goldsmith book "Echoes in the Night" and just referenced incorrectly by Wikipedia. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of "Echoes in the Night." Perhaps someone who has one can verify whether or not it lists the boys' names, and if so, what the names are. I was guessing that two would be Willie Coutts and Harold Goodwin since they were the third class and similar age.

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