Franklin Institute recalls the Titanic with artifacts


David Simmons

From the Post-Gazette:

Franklin Institute recalls the Titanic with artifacts

Sunday, July 11, 2004
By Phaedra Trethan, The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- Imagine that you are going on a long family vacation. Think of the things you might bring: your best jewelry, your children's favorite toys, your finest clothes, a few creature comforts.

Picture yourself beginning a new life in a new land, and how you'd prepare. You'd pack your household items, such as silverware and dishes. Bedding and mementos. Important papers and, of course, cash.

Now imagine all of those things, the evidence of human lives, lost to the icy North Atlantic when the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912.

Nothing can tell the story quite like "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition," at the Franklin Institute from July 10 through Jan. 2.

The traveling exhibit, which has been to almost 50 cities worldwide, focuses not only on the ship itself but also on its passengers and their lives. Painstakingly preserved, the 292 artifacts come from all over the ship, from passenger areas to the boiler room to the restaurants.

"The exhibit completely transports you to a different place and time," said Evan Welsh of the Franklin Institute. "Walking down the first-class corridors and hearing the music of the times makes you forget that you are actually in a museum. I really felt like I was on board a luxury ship. Seeing original artifacts up close, like clothing, and jewelry, and money makes the experience seem so much more real."

Visitors to the exhibit receive a White Star Line boarding pass upon entering, with the name and story of an actual Titanic passenger to help personalize the experience.

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