Franz and Manca Karun


Gavin Bell

Would anybody out there know what became of survivor Manca Karun Juvan? I know that she died in Kranj, Slovenia sometime in the 70s or 80s but I have never been able to trace her exact date of death. Anybody out there??

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Encyclopedia Titanica

Philip Hind
Staff member
Have a death notice here for Manca Karun dated 18th Sept 1971 so likely 17th is correct.
(This courtesy of Arne Mjaland)

Loretta Kozel

I am trying to place a relative of my husband's family. It is reported that Franz Karun was an cousin/uncle of Peter and John Kozelj. This Frank Karun lived in Chicago, IL in the 1930's or 1940's. He worked for a large farm implement factory. There were other Karun relatives from Ohio. Peter and John Kozel were two children of a large family born in Milje, Austria. They both immigrated to PA and then to Chicago late in the 1930's. As both families were from Milje, Austria (a small farm village) it is possible that they are related. My husband's brother remembers Frank Karun coming to visit his dad in Chicago. Katarina Karun is a witness or sponsor on the birth/baptism certificate for a sister, Frances, completed in 1 Jan 1899. When Frances Kozelj Tusek moved to Chicago, Frank Karun provided a place to stay. Is there any connection? Thank you

Melinda Laura Varju

Just wondering, how is this name pronounced? Is it Mansa, or Manka? Sometimes the little girl was listed as Anna, and that's nowhere near Manca. Just wondering because I think this name is gorgeous and cute.


Timothy Trower

Laura, I noticed your posting about Manca Karun, and the pronunciation of her name is MAHN-suh. She went back to Slovenia and lived out her life. Her descendants still live in the Karun homeplace where Manca was raised.

The person that can tell you much more about Manca Karun is Phil Gowan. He would be able to tell you much, much more about Manca.

Hope this helps!