FRED Film - The Untold True Story of RMS Titanic Lookout Frederick Fleet



Johnny Marchetta
Hi all, i'd like to introduce a film project i'm working on which aims to tell tragic story of Frederick Fleet - Titanic's lookout who spotted the iceberg.

Predominantly set in 1965 Southampton. We meet Fred a solemn man in his late seventies. From the off, we see Fred burying his late wife, Eva. With no friends and little family he lives with his brother in law, Philip, who today tells Fred he has to move out. Philip, an eerie unlikeable character, makes it clear Fred is no longer welcome at the house. With his looming rejection only days away, Fred is thrust back into a state of constant flash backs and unwanted memories.

Through these flashbacks, we learn Fred was a lookout onboard the RMS titanic and the first to spot the iceberg that fatally struck. Memories from that night and the chaotic aftermath trigger a severe mental illness in Fred. PTSD.

Pushing these thoughts to the back of his mind, Fred makes one last attempt to rekindle an estranged relationship with his daughter Dorothy. With a husband who works for long hours, two young children and managing a busy house, she doesn’t hide the fact she has little time for her father. Fred exchanges pleasantries for a short while before realising he’s outstayed his welcome; he says his goodbyes and makes a quick getaway.

The film culminates with Fred’s flashbacks and pressing trauma growing stronger and more vivid by the hour, finally forcing Fred to the point of no return and him making a devastatingly sad decision.

Find out more at Fred - The Film

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