Frederic Oakley Spedden

Phil J Malloy

Jul 19, 2015
howard shore now owns his home in tuxedo, the wee wah lodge. I spent a summer working there having it fully restored to its original glory. The place is beautiful, if not haunted by his wife, whom i would hear at times while working in the house, as the only person in the house at the time it couldnt have been anything else. I recall one vivid example I had just gotten finished working in one of the bedrooms in the "help" quarters and was walking towards one of the main living room areas (did i mention this place was HUGE???) and i heard a woman laughing. it kept going until i got close to the room and stoppedIt got to the point where I would yell out everytime i came into the house HI DAISY! Hope all is well!!! (daisy was also on the ship, his wife who died in the house from my understanding of strange circumstances)a few other odd things happened while i was there, but ill save those for another day