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Before the transfer began I seem to remember there was posting from some one who thinks their relation maybe under the different name of Frederick Charles Blades, instead of Frederick Allen. All indicatioins are showing this could very well be the case.

Could I ask one of you Mod's to point me in the right direction please.

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Time is against me!

Not forgetting Peter Engberg of Sweden who brought this story to my attention.

The irony is, both Peter and myself had in our possession two seperate stories on the same person and family and neither of us releaised the full implications of this new discovery. I only hope David Blades if you are watching the developmens of this post, you wish to make your presents known and share your family history with us.

The latest on this story can be found on the following link:-

www lethbridgehearlad com /local-news/...the-titanic-3712.html. - Under the title:- Family ties with Titanic?

All the best

Andrew W.

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Titanic Victim - The Case of Frederick Charles Blades (Fred Allen).

The empathy of expressing my own personal feelings abets firmly on the side of Amelia. Her league alone stands firmly aside on the epitome of tragedy. To release the ephemeris of Amelia's family tree, here are some shocking events before Frederick her first born was a victim of Titanic.

8 month old baby Joseph Henry Samuel Gray son of George and Amelia Gray was buried in a communal grave on the 3rd of April 1912. Place of abode Trinity House 64 New Road Southampton.

3 days later. 2 year old Hilda Gray daughter of George and Amelia Gray was buried in a separate communal grave on the 6th of April 1912. Place of abode Trinity House 64 New Road Southampton.
Both infant children of the couple above mentioned are buried at Southampton's Old Cemetery on The Common.

Worst was to come on the 15th of April 1912. No guessing at what was happening here. As it stands, Amelia suffered the terrible lost at not one, but three of her children in a short space of 12 days.
It is also unknown how the Titanic Crew Survivor Ernest Frederick Allen address the untimely news of Fredericks death to his Mother/Grandmother Sophia Allen and to the birth mother Amelia Gray nee Blades.

All I ask in return is to spare a thought for poor Amelia as she encountered more suffering at the lost of more of her children during the pending years to come.


Even the names are back-too-front. Otherwise I am not happy as the correct name is - Frederick Charles Blades was born illegitimate on the 10th of February 1895 at the Bedford Workhouse and is the first son to Amelia Blades. For the record Amelia Blades is the rightful birth Mother of Frederick. Interesting how Fredericks birth date clashes directly with his cousin Ernest Frederick Allen. Also of a major interest the birth certificate of Fredericks' Mother Amelia has decided to call herself Minnie Blades a Domestic Servant of St. John.

Amelia Blades was born on the 4th of November 1875. The occupation of her Father Joseph Blades is registered as a Railway Guard. The abode of residence is registered at 5 Aylesford Street, Pimlico London.

On the 24th of November 1905 Amelia married George Gray at the Southampton Register Office. Both co-habiting at 32 Threefield Lane Southampton. From that day onwards Amelia's life can only be best described as wretched and stricken in the poverty trap until the very day she died in 1959.

Amelia Gray age 83 years died on the 2nd of September 1959 at Knowle Hospital Wickham Hampshire. Her previous home of convalescence was based at Northlands Westrow Road Southampton. No date of transfer from Northlands to Knowle is confirmed. Also confirming on the death certificate Widow of - Gray of occupation unknown. Cleary George died some years ago but when precisely remains at odds as the long shot of uncertainties swings in rounadabouts as I have labelled him Mr Nobody from nowhere. I will get to George in a minute.

The other case scenario turns directly upon Amelia's place of burial. Yes she is buried at Knowle Cemetery right next door to Knowle Hospital but some bright spark decided not to make a proper record listing all the burial plot numbers or even make a list of the headstones. The correspondence I received from the Hampshire Records Office based at Winchester cuts directly to the point, all we know is she is buried there but where exactly we can never be sure as her place of rest is unmarked. Knowle Hospital closed down in 1996. Originally built as a Workhouse it changed overnight as a Hospital after World War two. Today the buildings still stand but was heavy modernized as private apartments and all private dwellings were sold en-block.

As opposed to George Gray, he resembles like a silhouetted darkhorse in the backdrop awaiting patiently his discovery. He stands as a true darkhorse not only as a person but he was very much in the kindness way an outcast in the marriage as well. I've tried every trick in the book and still cannot find his place of birth, or even for that matter his date of death. He was not born at Bedford as stated on one of the census records. To a point I even had doubts over his true age as I found quite by accident at Southampton Archives some years back, the whole family were booked in at the Workhouse situated right next door to St.Mary's Church as George had suffered a major mental breakdown and was hospitalized at the Workhouse.

The inquest with this case is still classified as ongoing.


Dec 8, 2011
Hi, Andrew sorry took so long in fact very long Yes I am the Grandaughter of Lillian Blades possible a half-sister of Fred Blades/Allen. She was brought up in a Work House in Christchurch Hampshire England Contact me thought Email if you wish to get in contact. David Blades was my Mums true brother and lived in Sterling Canada.

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