Frederick Dent Ray

>>Did he continue at sea? <<

Apparently for a bit but not for long. According to This Biography he eventuially left the sea and took up poultry farming. There's no specific date mentioned but perhaps one of the resident passenger/crew people here can help out with this.
Hi Norman
Tried to post information , but appears to have failed.I have some information about FDR as I am a member of the Titanic Society.Also I believe Fred Ray was my Grandfather !.

Penny Hills

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Hello Norman

I met your great uncle Fred D. Ray in either 1964 or 1965, he was at the time living with his wife Rosemary near Maidstone in Kent and was quite an elderly gentleman. I went there to tea with my grandmother Bee Hills and my father Christopher, they both knew his brother Charles and wife Rosemary's family. Charles and Rosemary had three children Lawrie (bomber pilot died ww2), Fred fighter pilot ww2, apprentice at Fords and returned there after the war and daughter Kathreen who went to live in South Africa. The family were close friends and neighbours all living in Peacehaven, East Sussex pre ww2. Fred D. Ray married Rosemary his brothers widow. When I met Fred D. Ray he gave me a memento signed postcard of the Titanic which I still have. I hope this information is useful to you.
Hi Penny, Thank you so much for getting in touch with your memories of Great Uncle Fred. I never knew him personally, it was only in later years when doing FH that family stories started to make sense e.g. 13 being a lucky number for the Rays. He manned lifeboat 13 on the Titanic. If you have any other memories of those times then I would be most interested. Would it be possible to have a copy of the postcard?


In Geroge Behe's book "Those Brave Fellows", he gives a link to an interview of Ray's in which he stated when he heard the band. Behe mearly states that he 'attending his own duties'. Ray had a pretty eventful night - so I was hoping to get a clearer picture of what duties he was doing, but since I live in the US I can not access this video. HAs anyone watched it, and can clear up the matter, or is there a transcript? Thanks!

This is the link: