Frederick DOEL Fireman David MATHERSON

Tara Doel

I am researching Frederick Doel (my husband's great uncle) Fireman on board Titanic. Frederick's step brother Charles OLIVE (Greaser) was also onboard but unfortunately perished in the disaster.
From an obituary in the Southampton Echo - I have the following
"at 20, Richmond St; Frederick DOEL, the beloved husband of Henrietta DOEL, who was called to rest so sudden after hearing the disaster of his son Frederick and stepson Charles on the Titanic; also David MATHERSON, aged 37, Boarder of the above, who gave his place to our son Frederick Doel, who was saved".

I note that David Matherson's address is listed on this site as Everton Street and wondered if anyone had any further information about him - from reading the obituary there must have been quite a tight link for him to forfeit his place in a lifeboat for Frederick? I would also be interested if anyone has any other informaton on Frederick, I understand that he possibly went back to sea & was on the Mauretania but know little else.

Hello Tara,

I have been able to piece together a great
deal of information on Fred Doel and would
like to hear from you. For some reason, I am
unable to link directly to your profile to
obtain your email address. Please get in touch.

Kind Regards