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ian Hough

Hi Folks

Who's got all the gossip on Fred Fleet - I am surprised that an infamous Titanic N.C.O has so little written about him (or am I mistaken?).

Has anyone got any additional material than what's on his ET-Bio?

I would appreciate finding out particularly if he has any descendants, brothers or other relatives.

Many thanx
Hey Houghie,
Fleet was the out-of-wedlock child of a woman who abandoned him when he was very small. He didn't know who his father was and thought his mother ran off with a man to Springfield, Massachusetts and he never heard from her again. He married but had no children so there really aren't any relatives that are known. Of course it could be that his mother later had other children in America. Some day I'll tackle that one!

Hope you're doing well.

Alex McLean

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Also, I know he committed suicide, but how did he do it? I have heard several reports from different areas, the most reliable saying he hung himself from a garden post, others saying he shot himself, one claiming he even rowed out to sea and jumped overboard.

Inger Sheil

In the ET bio there's a link to his death certificate, which records the following as cause of death:
Asphyxia. Hanging from clothes post in garden. That he did kill himself whilst balance of his mind was disturbed.​

A Southampton Echo article on the ET site that also states he hanged himself from a clothes post can be found here:​
There's not much grey area. I'd go with the official cause of death.​
Phil, thanks for those additional details...would be quite a story if you could trace potential American half-brothers and/or sisters for Fleet!​
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I've long though that Fred Fleet's last letter to Ed Kamuda is the most moving document in the Titanic canon. I wonder if a bit of practical help might have saved him, had it arrived in time.

I suppose Fred had some good times, but overall it seems a bleak existence. He wasn't the shiniest apple in the barrel, but I have a sense of the basic honesty of a man who did his best with the little he had. I suspect there were many like him among the workers of England.

Paula Fleet

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Does anyone know if Frederick Fleet had any children and their details? I am trying to find out if my husband is a relative.
Poor Frederick Fleet had no children.
He had himself been brought up in an orphanage - so sorry but I doubt if your husband is related.
Best regards

Brian J. Ticehurst - Southampton UK.

Paula Fleet

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Thanks Brian, do you know if he had brothers or sisters, my husband could be a nephew maybe. Someone in his family once told him he was related so now we're trying to find out for definite.

diane james

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Hi - I am new to the message board! My maiden name was Fleet and I was born in Liverpool, same as Frederick Fleet. Only just found out about Frederick Fleet. Does anyone know what his mothers name was? Thanks.

Paula Fleet

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I am doing the research now for my husband so I will let you know the outcome. I don't know his mother's name, she abandoned him, but maybe some one else does ? Read his biography and obituary on this site, its very useful.

diane james

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Hi Paula! Thanks for your reply. I will let you know if I find out anything - I am going to try the 1901 census first. Has your husband got/ had any relatives in Liverpool ? We are probably related omewhere along the line!!