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I would be very grateful to any one who can provide me with some information regarding my two great uncles that served aboard the Titanic. Their names were Frederick and George Clench of SouthHampton. They were two brothers who were assigned to the Olympic but transferred to the Titanic. Frederick survived but George died. Does any one know what happened to Frederick after the sinking and court cases in America? Is there any further info on George that any one knows about? Thanks for any help. Kind regards, Mark Clench.
Apr 27, 2003
Dear Mark,
Here is my database entry for George Clench.
Clench, George. Lived at Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton. Occupation - Able Seaman. 31 years old. (Born in Hampshire).
In memoriam, The Hampshire Independent, Saturday, April 17, 1915:
In ever loving remembrance of my dear son, George Clench . . . Second son of Sarah Palmer, From mother, brothers, sister and stepfather. In God's Keeping.
(Death Notice from Hampshire Independent 4th May 1912)
Clench, George.
Of 10 Improved Dwellings, Chantry Road, Aged 31. Second Son of the Late Frederick Clench. Deeply Mourned by His Sorrowing Mother, Brother and Sister, and His Stepfather - Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.

Frederick gave evidence (Page 636)at the US Enquiry which you can look up elsewhere.
I hope that helps?


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