Frederick Tamlyn Mess Steward

Morning Hanna - here is my printout on Mr. Tamlyn:

Tamlyn, Frederick. Lived at 20 Upper Southampton Street, Bedford Place, Southampton. Occuaption - Mess Steward, Deck Department. 23 years old. (Born in Hampshire).

(Death Notice from the Hampshire Independent 11th May 1912).
Tamlyn, Frederick
Dearly Beloved Son of Alfred and Annie Tamlyn of 20 Upper Southampton Street. Aged 23. Deeply Mourned by His Father and Mother, Brothers and Sisters.

(From the Minute Book of the White Star Company)
The White Star Company had a Committee meeting on 23rd July 1912 at 10 Winter Street, Liverpool at 11.55am. Present Mr. J. Bruce Ismay (in the chair) and others.
During the meeting it was announced that the following cases were reported together with amounts paid into Court:
F. Tamlyn - Mess Steward - Wages £5 0 0d - Dependent Mother - £90.

(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 22. Tamlyn, Mrs., mother and Mr., father. Both class F dependants.(Son: of Annie and Alfred Tamlyn).

Body number 123. Estimated age 24. Hair dark. Clothing:- Brown jacket, uniform vest, black pants. Effects:- One razor, discharge book A. Buried at Sea.

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