Frederick Thomas Rice

Miranda Martin

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Frederick Thomas Rice was four years old, travelling to America with his mother and brothers. Strangely, his name is not mentioned on any passenger list. Was he a clandestine? He could'nt of been left in Ireland since his father died several years before. Does anyone know anything about Frederick?

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From where please have you got the name Frederick Thomas Rice, aged 4?

The Rice children were: Albert [10], George Hugh [8], Eric [7], Arthur [4] and Eugene Francis [2].

I have never seen any reference to a child called Frederick Thomas Rice.

I hope that helps,

Miranda Martin

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I got it from a french site. There is a page about the Rice family and it says that there was a sixth child name Frederick.
Maybe Frederick died before or he was being looked after by another member of the family.
Thank you. - I do not see any mention of any such child in Senan Molony's: The Irish Aboard Titanic. I note he gives the ages of Eric as 6 and Arthur as 5.- Please provide a link to the French site.

Miranda Martin

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Maybe the children on the photo weren't:
(top) Albert, Frederick Thomas
(bottom) Arthur, Eugene Francis, Eric
Me and my sister looked closely at the photo and thought that maybe the children could have been in this order:
(top) Albert, Arthur
(bottom) Eric, Eugene Francis, George Hugh
That would explain why George Hugh was not on the photo!
The names given for the faces in the photo were probably guesswork based on apparent ages and the assumed presence of 'Frederick'. But if Frederick didn't really exist, it's gotta be Eugene on Mama's lap and Albert (the oldest) at top left. My own guess for the others would be the same as yours. The photo was taken probably in 1910, so everybody would be a little younger than the ages usually quoted.