Frederick William Barrett (Survivor)

Titanic sank 100 years ago he was 28 when the ship went down so that would make him 128 years old.  I am pretty sure he has joined his fellow crewman from the Titanic in the hereafter by now. 
according to my grandmother Frederick Barrett also known as Alfred my grandmother passed and 2000 sorry 2008 at the age of 112claimed that he what's her husband and resided in Nashua New Hampshire strangely enough the picture looks like meat the age of 28
Frederick barret didn't die in the sinking of the titanic barret was rescued by life boat number 13 he then was rescued by the Carpathia when the Carpathia reached new York barret gave testimony in the titanic inquiry he went back to Southampton and joined titanic's sister Olympic as leading fire man you can see him being protraed in the film saving the titanic and in James Cameron's titanic movie
Frederick William Barrett was lost in the sinking of the Titanic. There were two Frederick Barrett's on board this one the one that died was my grandmothers stepfather. She told us that her mother had been informed that he had been saved but then later found out it was the other Frederick Barrett.
Frederick Barrett chief fireman did NOT die in sinking. He gave testimony as to details he was the only survivor that witnessed concerning the structural failures of that area where he worked. As he was forced to the main deck, he was put as the oarsman in something like last lifeboat.
Do we know what Frederick Barrett did after the Titanic and when he passed away? The only record I could find was on ancestry. An Englishman named Fred Barrett who was roughly the same age had signed on in Liverpool in 1913 to work as a trimmer aboard the Lusitania and the Franconia. It also shows his signature. Is this the same signature as our Fred Barrett? If he was still working for Cunard during the war do you think he may have gone down on the Lusitania or the Franconia as both ships sank during the war?


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Fred Barrett's later life remains I think largely a mystery, but we do know that his first ship after the Titanic was the Olympic. Also his seaman's identity card, issued in 1919, shows that he survived the Great War.
Though my Barrett ancestors, records seemingly very accurate, were in America at least in early to mid 1700s, I'm still interested in both the Titanic survivor and casualty of same name. The Frederick W. Barrett survivor by all reports was last in records aboard the sister ship working. Then nothing else about him.
Makes me think he changed his name to avoid the notoriety.
By records I've happened upon...that is a total mystery. He worked aboard the Titanic's White Star Line sister ship and no record of him afterwards.
Further reading has that Fredrick Barrett died of TB at age 39, after remarrying a Jones lady who preceded him in death by several yrs. Their only child surviving infancy was named Harold, was raised by a relative after his father died. Harold went on to marry a Berry lady, and they had twins born in 1955...the son named Fredrick.