From North Carolina, a Titanic enthusiast

Feb 25, 2010
North Carolina, United States
Hello, everyone! I may have posted here before some time ago, but here I come to you all officially.

I wish I had long ties in the Titanic community like a lot of the members here, but I've only really /known/ the Titanic for maybe four years now.

My favorite person on board the Titanic is Violet Jessop. I simply love her brave spirit to survive three disasters and then STILL remain at sea after it all. I really wish I could have met her.

I just got finished reading "Titanic Love Stories", by Gill Paul, and the stories of the thirteen honeymooning couples is just so heart breaking :(

But hello, all, and I hope to post here more in the future! But it's almost three in the morning my time, so I should probably just get into bed :)


Aug 21, 2012
North Carolina
Hi Carrie! I am also from North Carolina and while I have been fascinated with Titanic for years, I've only recently discovered this site and community. Did the book you mentioned talk about John Henry Chapman and Sarah Elizabeth Lawry Chapman? I am particularly fascinated with their story and am looking to learn more about them.

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