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FS: Walter Lord, "A Night To Remember: Illustrated Edition", signed

Discussion in 'Items sought or for sale' started by clofback, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. clofback

    clofback Member

    Contains many extra photos and charts that were not in earlier editions. Dust jacket is a bit tattered but the book itself is in very good condition. I'm not an expert collector so I don't know official book condition grading but there are no loose pages, no tears that I can find, and the only discoloration I see is a tiny bit on top corner of the last few page. The binding looks solid. Dust jacket has several tears and creases. It is in a protective cover to prevent further deterioration. Lord signed it for me personally in Clearwater, FL in 1994 after a presentation he gave at a public library where I worked.

    See on eBay or contact me privately.

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