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The film is Titanic (1997). The line is:

"Tell Lucile about the disaster with the stationers."

Who said it? (character & actress) Who was she speaking to? (character & actress)

Prize: Getting to examine REAL Lucile dresses and memorabilia which I will bring on the Guilded Age tour.

Inger Sheil

Member be pedantic, it wasn't Benjamin Guggenheim to his valet. It was to a steward, as the following line was 'My valet....send for my valet'.

Hooray! Give the lady a see-gar! Draw it mild! Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, Dr. Freud. Well- then there was Bill Clinton.... Randy- am going into overtime on your brainbuster.
*I* know the answer! :)

Shelley, those peanut butter cups you sent me as a consolation prize on the last trivia thread had a BITE out of each one! :-(


Inger Sheil

So what's the link between a Titanic film bloke and the Russian Revolution?

Hint: Dr Who comes into it somewhere too...

Well Professor C.- I had to make sure they weren't STALE or anything! Dern- these questions are short-circuiting my wiring-too many Brit pixels or something for my American screen. Hmm- Dr. Who is that wild-headed guy with the long muffler who kinda looks like Gene Wilder and leaps around in a phonebooth thingie that is a time machine.. can't remember his name. I think one of our really obscure channels had the series here years ago. Give us a hint... aw.. come on- remember we are pixel-impaired here. While looking for my VCR tape of 1997 Titanic- the whole bloody :-D shelf fell on my cranium Monsieur Randy-does it have something to do with wedding invitations? Rose's Ma is yacking to a bunch of snooty hens about Rose's de-voom nups and how the invites got screwed up or something? Now do I get to wear Lucile's nightie in Newport?! And NO-I did not peek at the flick- I was busy applying my icebag to the knot on my head! Never found the ^%#)*&[email protected]& movie!

Nathan Heddle

Yeah, I remember, Ruth (Frances someone or other)had issues with the stationery people and I think it was the Countess of Rothes who said to tell Lucile.

Can't remember who played her though. Isn't that the bit where they then snub Molly Brown.

I can't remember.


Pat Cook

Can't really help out with the main question but a couple of notes here.

Shel - The 'Dr. Who' you describe was Tom Baker, who was (if I remember correctly) the fourth 'doctor' - last count there were seven or eight. The tremendously imaginative series began in the mid-60's and ran for some thirty or so years. Besides Tom Baker, the Doctor has been portrayed by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton (my favorite), Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker , Sylvester McCoy and, in the movies, by Peter Cushing. We used to get the show here in Houston but that stopped years ago. I have no info about the 'Doctor Who' adventure that involves Titanic. I believe there is a book out, tho'.

Best regards,

Karen Angstadt

Ruth was played by Frances Fisher who by the way has a daughter named Francesca with Clint Eastwood. Karen

Inger Sheil

Cook - Tom Baker is the link :)

My favourite Doctor...I forget how deprived Americans are sometimes! Even in the antipodes we grew up on this stuff.

Tell me you had 'Monkey'?

Here's a little quiz of my own:
Name the ocean liner films the follwing lines came from:

1. "Sorry, sis! I had to go to the john."
"Well that's a dumb, stupid way to die 'going to the john'!"
"I said I'm sorry!"

2. (Divers are inside a sunken ocean liner.)
"Look at that. (Referring to a skeleton they're passing.) Sorry ya came?"

Richard K.
Rich- the #1 is the bratty little boy to Pam Sue Martin in Posideon Adventure #2 I will guess and say Return to the Posideon-somehow the spelling looks funny to me:)
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