Funnel theori

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Frank T.

I have a theori about the Titanic sinking. But first... as you know if you looked down one of titanics funells you whould be looking right down into one of titanics boiler rooms...right? okey, on to the theori

1.the titanic hit an iceburg and for two hours sunk very slowly.

2.when the water reched the bace of funnel #1 the funnel broke away reveling the gaping hole down all 9 decks, letting the water flow in more fast. less then 1/2 an hour the other funnels whould be gone reveling 3 more holes leting the water spill in very, very, very, fast.

I think that if the funnels stayed on the titanic whould stay a float longer, now this is just MY theori.

Erik Wood

By the time the first funnel fell, Titanic was sinking and was on her way down the funnel falling did not impact the overall sinking. She would have sank funnel falling or not. The opening created by the falling funnel just speeded up the process a little. It is hard to say with any amount of certainty how fast the water entered the space and how much weight it added when it did.

We do know that before this the expansion joint next to it had been opened beyond it's designed width. We also know that water was now washing the collapsible's (that could be incorrect, I am working from memory so feel free to correct me) were being washed off the deck. The angle was becoming such that the funnel couldn't support itself in it's manufactured position.
Nothing wrong with your memory Erik. The last two collapsibles were washed off exactly as you said...with one of them coming off upside down.

Frank, adding to what Erik said, the funnels coming off are one of those differences that really made little difference at all. The sinking of the ship was the result of a chain of events starting with the collision/allision event with the iceberg. Progressive flooding putting excessive stress on the structure...far more then it could survive...did the rest. The collapse of the funnels was but one of the consequences of all of this.
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