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Furniture Supplied by Watson & Company Belfast

Discussion in 'Fixtures fittings baggage possessions etc' started by Philip Brady, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Philip Brady

    Philip Brady Member

    Around the time the Titanic was being built in Belfast, my grandfather worked for Watson & Company, furniture manufacturers whose factory was on LIttle Donegal Street. Watsons kept going until 1972 when a car bomb during the Troubles led to its final closure. Ironically, the site is now occupied by the Titanic Bar & Restaurant.

    Anyway, there has always been a story passed down in our family that Watsons manufactured and sold beds and other furniture for the 2nd class area on the Titanic. Its a story I have not been able to confirm since I was only 7 when my Grandfather died. He actually worked in Watsons until the age of 90. He would have been about 44 in 1912, and despite being Catholic, rose to the rank of Director despite Watsons being a predominantly Protestant firm.. He may even have set foot on the ship when it was being fitted out, who knows ?
    Anyone out there ever heard of Watsons ?