Gates on E-Deck by the First/Second Class Flex cabins

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I was wondering what these gates Looked like on E-Deck by the Alternative First/Second Class cabins on E-Deck. They'd be closed if Second Class passengers occupied those flex cabins. But I think they weren't on Titanic's maiden voyage.
(using Olympic's August 1912 plans because they're easier to look at)

I've heard those gates are like the Bostwick gates, but painted white (Stores lift forward of the Second Class Dining Saloon for example)

I've also heard it was behind a panel, and that panel could be hidden, like a wall? Something like that. Any idea what the gates (or panels I guess) looked like?
There's a lot of legends surrounding the gates, particularly the vaunted "Locked gates" the existence of which cannot even be proven.

Bostwick gates, to my understanding, have only been seen closed in an entrance which would have been leading through doors set in the hull, not down in any of the passageways. The only gates noted on the plans are on E-deck by the potato wash place and storage.

The Third Class had no trouble getting out onto the open decks and the gates mentioned in testimony were at the top of the stairs going from the well deck up to B Deck on the outside of the ship.
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Hey Mike, been a minute!

I wouldn't be surprised. I bet you'd need (at least!) both hands if you counted how many gates there were in Titanic 1997, haha. They really were blown out of proportion, when most were the waist high gates by the Aft Well Deck and the forward Well deck.

I do think there were bostwick gates on Titanic. There is one example where they are infront of a set of stairs as well
Titanic's (Original H&W plan) General Arrangement plans from NMNI

and in this case they're blocking the entrance to D-Deck. Odd.