Gatti and Mauge dressed like passengers

Can anyone help me on this? I always thought, from Mauge's testimony, that it was Gatti who was the 'chef' 'dressed like a passenger' and made it up to the boat deck with Mauge, but couldn't jump into a boat because he was too fat. This seems to be supported by Mauge saying in his testimony that he was secretary to the 'chef' with him; as far as I know Mauge was Gatti's secretary.

However, the ET bio of Mauge says that the man who was too fat to jump was another chef, Rousseau. Was Gatti nominally a chef as well as the manager of the Ritz restaurant, or could he have been described that way by Mauge? I've never heard of Mauge being secretary to more than one person, nor of Rousseau being the fat man who wouldn't jump; where's the source for this?

Please help as I'm confused and don't want to have the wrong man appearing in this incident!
Gatti was in overall charge and would have been a visible presence in the restaurant itself, with a controller and assistant controller to help with administation. Mauge was employed as the kitchen clerk, working directly with the chef. There were plenty of cooks working in the kitchens, but there can be only one chef and that was Rousseau. Everything in Mauge's testimony is consistent with that.