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Mark Baber

Staff member
Hello, all---

In the past few weeks, we've experienced a number of instances where members have changed their "Full Name," as reflected in their profile, to something else, and proceeded to post messages that therefore do not show the true identity of the poster.

Please recall that when you registered, you agreed to abide by the Message Board's rules, which include the following:

When you register for the message board you are asked to provide your genuine first and last name. You must also provide a genuine e-mail address without which your membership cannot be processed.

Why must I give my full name?
Because we like to know who we are really talking to! We feel that this promotes honesty and credibility between members and within discussions especially since many of our members like to meet up from time to time.

Members known or suspected of having registered under a pseudonym may have their membership terminated without notice.

What if I do not wish to give my full name.
If you prefer not to provide your full name or e-mail address you are very welcome to continue to follow discussions without registering.[/quote]We have not yet terminated anyone's membership without notice for violating this requirement, but that day may soon be coming.

Please be guided accordingly.

Mark Baber

Staff member
Please read the message immediately above this one.

This morning two messages have been removed from the Board for violation of the "real name" requirement, and both posters have been warned.

Any further violations WILL result in immediate suspension or termination.
I very much am in favor of the real name policy. I can't understand why someone would want to use an alias. It's not like Titanic researchers are movie stars or any such thing. Plus, why would one take someone seriously when it is fairly obvious they are going by a fake persona from head to toe. Didn't Lightoller once say, 'A curious people.'
I do think this forum is one where ones real name should be used- Somehow an anonymous handle is a bit immature...
If we are by and large mature people conversing about Titanic- shlouldn't we at least be candid about our identity?

Of course the rules are up to Phil- but isnt suspension with no warning just a tad harsh? Wouldnt a stern warning suffice- and suspension if the situation wasn't rectified?

Mark Baber

Staff member
Unfortunately, Tarn, experience teaches that warnings do not suffice; enough folks have ignored such warnings and continued to post under a "screen name" that we've taken to immediately suspending violators, with reinstatement contingent upon their changing the name displayed with their messages back to their "real name."

We have not, though, resorted to the ultimate sanction permitted by the rules quoted above, that being termination of membership without notice. At least, not yet...
Could this problem not be solved by removing the opportunity to commit the crime? As long as the 'edit profile' page contain the member's name as an editable data field, the assumption will be made that it's ok to do so. There might, of course, be rare occasions when the name genuinely does need to be changed, but that could be handled through contact with a moderator.
That's the spirit. Now all you have to do is track down the persistent offenders who are already using false names. I suggest you start at the top and make no exceptions, though we can understand why Philo Hindenberg felt the need for a change. :)
And I have submitted your name Bob, for the Victoria Cross and Distinguished Service medal for thinking up the obvious :) Good show, Old Bean! Hindenberg- oh no- here come those pesky zeppelins again!
Just curious- how many hits does the ET website usually take a day? I awlays wondered how many people pop by each day- im sure there are scores of lurkers as well as the family of regulars...

Philip Hind

Staff member
Hi Tarn,

You asked for it...!

Let us take yesterday as a typical day.

22nd Feb 2007

35,411 page views (Average: 1,475.46 per hour)
5,468 visits (average: 227.83 per hour)
Visitors averaged 6.48 pages per visit
70.94% of visitors were new while 29.06% were return visitors


For a year we can look at 2006

9,391,813 page views
1,490,813 visits
6.30 Pages per visit
70.69% of visitors were new while 29.31% were return visitors