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Feb 8, 1998
Ive received conflicting answers to these questions... here is another try...
Please email me at [email protected] (preffered)

1. I have a plan of the first class accomodations that indicates that the suites on C-Deck, such as those occupied by the Wideners and Thayers were actually grouped together in fours so that instead of just having one cabin- you actually occupied three and the bathroom in between.Is this true?

2. Where would first class stewards receive calls from their respective passengers? Were there central service rooms in first class?

3. Which cabins in 1st class had telephone access?

4. How was it decided on which entranceway first class passengers used in Southampton? Was the one on d-deck used as wel as the one on b-deck? Everyone has a different answer to this.

Jul 20, 2000
Hi Chris, you said a reply to [email protected] was preferred. What I sent to you came back as User Unknown; address has permanent fatal error so I'm posting it here.

The Shipbuilder refers to 6 Suites of Rooms on C-deck: "Each Suite consisting of three combined bed and sitting rooms with intercommunication doors. two wardrobe rooms and a private bath and lavatory. The rooms can, of course, be let separately if occasion arises for doing so."

In fact in Fares Rate booklets the rooms were all priced individually, with or with out wardrobe rooms and private bath and lavatory.

Sorry I cannot answer 2 or 3. I would also like answer to those questions. Interesting that you use the word Service Rooms. Yes there were Service Rooms, generally located next to the Pantries; but it is my understanding that they were for cleaning equipment and the like.

Re No 4. I guess passengers either used the ganyway that would take them closest to their rooms or just whichever gangway was closest to where they were on the quay. I think Cameron had Rose and Cal boarding on D-deck; even althought they were on B-deck.

Hope this helps.


Rolf Vonk

Hello there,

Chris,I would reply on your point 4. The first class gangway to B-deck was used by passengers who had already bought there ticket. They went on board via the terminal. The gangway on D-deck was used by passengers who booked at the last moment before the Titanic left harbor. Maybe there's a administrative reason for it. I guess the passengers on B-deck were already on the passenger and cave list. Those lists were completed with the names of passengers who boarded at the last moment via D-deck.

Hope this helps
greetings Rollie

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