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Hello everyone! I was surfing through the internet and a little detail I came up with was that for every 3 sites I would enter where it affirmed that the Lusitania's keel was laid in 1904, another 3 come up saying it was layed in 1905. Can someone please tell me the authentic date? And also, a really nice feature on the Lusitania was the Children's room. Are there any photographs of this room? And also, if anyone has any photographs/illustrations/rare photographs of the Lusitania's first-class public, can you PLEASE let me know.


P.S: If you're going to send me the photographs/illustrations/rare photographs, let me know first by answering in my thread.

I could recommend that you try my own site, which has its own LUSITANIA page. There are quite a number of rare/interesting photographs on that page, as well as some reliable information. Keep an eye out for my next book, which is all about the LUSITANIA, too. I hope this helps a little bit.
I was looking at Ken Marschall's paintings of the Lusitania's last voyage. A little detail I noticed was a sort of net over the open space in the aft part of the B-Deck and C-Deck promenades. I also saw these in Tom W. Lear's Lusitania site, in the C-Deck renderings (both first and second-class). Where they lowered when there was too much sun? And what kind of material was it made from...mesh perhaps?


P.S: Can anyone give me Eric Sauder's private e-mail address?
>>P.S: Can anyone give me Eric Sauder's private e-mail address?<<

Probably not. Giving out e-mail addresses on the 'net without the permission of the addressee in a public forum is considered to be very poor form.
Oh ok...but what were they used for? Blocking out the sun when there was too much? And where they regular nets or where they made of something else...mesh or a permeable material perhaps?
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