General Titanica

Jan 28, 2003
The 500+ threads on General Titanica have now been classified and sorted. Here is how the Thread will operate in future.

1. Folders have been created to classify the threads into common topics.

2. Folders contain two new threads, where appropriate, in order to direct members to other threads / sites of associated interest:
Links to Relevant ET Sites

3. Newly created threads will stay on GT, and out of folders, for three months. After 3 months, the thread will be re-classified into a folder, and a message posted on the thread to that effect, thus informing any participating posters, via email, of its new location.

4. It would be of great assistance if members would use the folders for creating new threads and for checking whether their question has already been addressed, before creating a new thread. Any new contributions to a thread will, of course, be flagged by the 'New' arrow on the Topics and Most Recent Posts sites, as usual.

5. GT should ,in future, be a good place for new members to begin their browsing.

In sorting these threads, I have discovered some gems that obviously got lost at the bottom of the page, and which nobody has seen for ages. I hope, with the folders, you may be able to discover some of these for yourselves.
Questions and suggestions welcomed - email me.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
This re-organisation will, I'm sure, make it much easier to navigate the unexplored depths! Many thanks to Monica and to all others who have been involved in the mammoth and ongoing task of creating a tapestry from a wilderness of loose threads.
Dec 8, 2000
It really is a Titanic piece of work - or should that be Olympic class? Just watching the highlights of the closing ceremony, and it seems an apt analogy in more ways than one. Mind you the tapestry with the loose, snagged and other threads is a good one too.

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