Geoffrey Marcus still among us

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Hi all,
someone on my website was asking me if I had a way to contact Geoffrey Marcus, of The Maiden Voyage fame. not only do I not, it got me to wondering if he was even still amongst the living. anyone out there know if he is still alive?

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Inger Sheil

Afraid not, Michael. Not sure of when exactly he passed away (some years ago, I imagine, as he'd be getting on towards a hundred if he were still alive), but I do remember hearing something about what happened to his papers after he died.

A pity, as the man was not only a highly engaging writer, he had interviewed many of the survivors and the families of those who were lost. I've come across his letters from time to time when researching, and they give an intersting insight into his personal engagement with the story.

~ Ing
thanks! Inger. I will pass this information on to the fellow who asked me. can you remember where Marcus' papers ended up? it would be very interesting to browse through his research into Maiden Voyage.
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