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Mark Robert Hopkins

Like other Titanic enthusiasts, I've often considered several actors/actresses who would either fit or should have been in a Titanic movie. Three are Geoffrey Rush, Michael Caine, and Patrick Stewart.

I've recently be wondering which role Geoffrey Rush would play or even could play. He seems like one of those who could be fit and should be cast in a Titanic movie. The first and most obvious role consideration would be Ismay, even perhaps J.J. Astor. Does anyone have any ideas?

Michael Caine is one of those actors who would have fit perfectly in a 'sinking ship' movie, and has done Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. But I always thought he should have been cast in a Titanic movie when he was younger. Which role would he had, or should have, played? I thought about Lightoller, but he could have easily portrayed a number of other people, most likely a crew member. Any thoughts?

Also, someone mentioned in a thread here a while ago about Patrick Stewart (aka Capt. Picard on Star Trek) as Capt. Smith. I disagree. I think he would've been more convincing as Isador Strauss, with applied whiskers, of course. He doesn't have that heavy, thick boldness that, say, George C. Scott has; he has more of the 'wise, stately old man' demeanor to me. He even bears a resemblance to Isador Strauss--or more precisely to Captain Clark. Look at pictures of both. It's uncanny!

By the way, I saw a picture of young William Beere, a sculleryman, and I was startled as to how how close he looked to a young Paul McCartney.

This is just for fun; it's not intended any serious thought. Still, I thought I would share it anyway.

Take care, all.